Unreleased versions of Vim - Vi IMproved

The files in these branches contain test versions of Vim.
    amiga/          files for the Amiga
    be/             files for Be
    doc/            the documentation in HTML form
    extra/          extra files (Farsi, OLE, VMS, Mac)
    os2/            files for OS/2
    os390/          files for IBM OS390
    patches/        archive of recent patches
    pc/             files for MS-DOS and Windows (and OS/2)
    unix/           files for Unix
    vms/            files for VMS

To get all the source files, download:
        unix/vim-6.x-src.tar.gz         (or the .bz2 one)
        unix/vim-6.x-rt.tar.gz          (or the .bz2 one)

Version 5.8 has been released on 2001 May 31.  It's in the top directory.
Version 6.0 has been released on 2001 Sep 26.  It's in the top directory.
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